Our Services

Our Services

Office Search

We provide a free service to help tenants source and negotiate the best office space for rent that suits their specific needs.

We cover all established buildings (over 400 properties) with over 3,000 stock entries and include all office rental opportunities, whether on or off the open market – even those in your current building. We can send a full listing to you within 60 minutes of receiving an enquiry.

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Lease Renewal Services

Don’t leave your lease renewal negotiations to chance?

No fees payable if no savings achieved.

Our fees are just 12% of what we help save you over the term of the lease.

Why do you need an Agent?

  • Your landlord knows you are not an office expert. So many tenants thought they got a good deal, but could have done better.

  • Come the end of your 1st or even 2nd term, some landlords may think you can’t afford to relocate, fit out a new unit or write off your current fit out. Rental on renewal must be based on Market Rate – not what the landlord thinks you can afford.

  • Appointing an expert shows you have done your due diligence.

  • Tenant has nothing to lose – our fees are a small percentage of what we save you.
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Market Research

Corporate Locations is well known in Hong Kong for the comprehensive market reviews it provides and thorough research papers. We are highly respected for our market knowledge, gathered directly by our agency team, so much so that even landlords and banks ask for copies of our latest Office Market Review.

We are proud to present the market trends, facts, figures and history in a totally unbiased and impartial way because tenants rely on a truly independent and accurate view point to guide them.

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To request further information:

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Eddie Chan
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