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Estimated Fitting Out Costs

Estimated Fitting Out Costs

Find out how much you will need to spend on fitting out your new office

Leasing Procedures

Leasing Procedures

It is always important for the tenant to be prepared for every stage of the office leasing process, from when to pay the deposit, at what stage have you made a binding commitment, how long will I be given to sign any Letter of Offer or Lease.

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Corporate Locations is one of the leading commercial property consultants in Hong Kong, who focus solely on advising tenants on office leasing and find the best offices for rent for any given office rental requirement.

There are many challenges to searching for offices for lease, which is why it is essential you use a top quality, professional, office agent like Corporate Locations. We offer a free service to all tenants with no strings attached i.e. there is no commitment on the tenant's part when seeking our assistance. We are well known and trusted for knowing the Hong Kong office market inside out and for presenting every opportunity, without any conflict of interest i.e. we cover every office building but do not act for any landlords.

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